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Huawei Releases the AI Developer Enablement Program

Oct 12, 2018

[Shanghai, China, October 12, 2018] Huawei has released its AI Developer Enablement Program at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018. The program will help Huawei collaborate with developers, partners, universities, and research institutions. Huawei will use the program to build a better development ecosystem that can support AI resources, platforms, courses, and joint solutions. Huawei aims to work with partners to build an affordable, effective, reliable, and inclusive AI ecosystem.

According to Zheng Yelai, vice president of Huawei and president of Huawei Cloud BU, Huawei’s AI Developer Enablement Program offers a platform for technical communication, talent training, and innovation to developers, tutors, and Huawei partners.

Huawei releases the AI Developer Enablement Program.

For Developers, the program covers the following:

Huawei will support its partners by:

For universities and research institutes, Huawei's AI talent development plan includes:

At present, Huawei has started developing AI talent at eight universities in China, including Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences of Tsinghua University, the University of Science and Technology of China, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Xidian University, and the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Huawei's university partners, and business partners including Visystem, Gosuncn, iLumintel, WINNER Technology, Riseye, Malong Technologies, SenseTime, Seemmo, Yitu Tech, YISA, Exocr Technologies, Cloud Walk, and Intellifusion are at Huawei Connect this year to witness the launch of Huawei's AI Developer Enablement Program.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 – "Activate Intelligence" – is held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center and Expo Center from October 10 to 12.

This year's HUAWEI CONNECT conference is designed to help all businesses and organizations step over the threshold and stake their claim in the intelligent world. You will be joined by the best minds in the industry – including global ICT leaders, industry experts, and ecosystem partners – to chart the way forward and explore new opportunities.

For more information, please visit: Link

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